Homeschooling Boosts Student Self-Esteem

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Years ago, Luke linked to the blog post I used to be the prettiest girl in the world. That post is such a perfect picture of the kind of confidence you can give your children by homeschooling.
Lest you think this healthy confidence is limited to only one person, I'd like to take you back about a month to Jennifer Best's BACK TO SCHOOL post.

It was the pictures of her kids that caught my digital glance.

[Aside: Isn't it amazing how far technology has come? Just a handful of years ago, facial recognition was an expensive, sci-fi type tech. It's everywhere today, fairly accurately picking out family members and friends every time we upload a photo.]

It wasn't the kids, per se. It was the text on their signs (I was seeing if my OCR coding was up to snuff). And here are the phrases that gave me pause for a couple milliseconds:



And these kids are smiling as they show of their very unique personalities.

Why is that so important?

Because it demonstrates, once again, that homeschooled kids are blessed with confidence and freedom in ways that many "traditional" students are not.

Are homeschoolers sometimes a little odd? Absolutely.
But mostly for the better.

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