Have a Great Weekend!

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My little brother, who features in many of Sonlight's DVDs (and is pictured below), is heading back to college tomorrow or the next day. So, we'll hopefully get to spend some time with him before he heads out again.

So, that's one of the things I hope to do this weekend.

You? Any plans?

Even if you don't have anything special or big going on, have a great weekend!

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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  1. mom

    Summer passes quickly, doesn't it? I hope you do get to hang out with your brother a bit before he leaves as college does tend to interfere with that one on one kind of time.

    Nothing too big happening here this weekend which is just the way I like it! :-)

    Tammy ~@~

  2. Lisa

    We're having a cookout and going to church. Have a great weekend with your brother!

  3. mary grace

    My weekend is far more planned out for me than I'd like. It's "Getting Ready for Fair" season. If you've ever done 4-H, you know what kind of a commitment that can be.

  4. Julie.

    Enjoy the time with your brother! We start Sonlight on Monday! This weekend will be work as usual, http://2gerberbabies.blogspot.com/2009/08/how-to-lose-home-in-10-daysand-reason-i.html

    Thanks for following my blog! I am looking forward to reading yours!

  5. Luke

    Tammy, normal weekends are a very nice thing, I agree. I am such a creature of habit <smile>.

    Lisa, cookouts and church are both very good <smile>.

    Mary Grace, my older sister had our dog in 4-H for a while. He actually took first in Obedience once, much to everyone's surprise <smile>.

    Julie, I've been following your story for a while now. Crazy stuff. I hope the situation improves because the latest bit with trying to return materials is not good times.