Grover, CO

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Yesterday we went for a drive.


We went to Grover, CO so Brittany and her sister Laurel could visit the area where their grandmother was born.

Laurel and Brittany

We drove past miles--150 miles--of beautiful Colorado countryside until we arrived at Grover.


Grover's Water Tower

We first stopped at the Sligo cemetery where Brittany and Laurel's great-great grandfather was buried. We had brunch there, listening to the wind and the birds.


The Davis Family Headstone

After that, we got a private tour of the Grover Museum. It was a fun little building with tons of paraphernalia from days gone by. I was happy that my homeschooling paid off by correctly naming a scythe and a bed warmer--though this one was a solid block of stone.


We did a little more sight-seeing and then drove home.

One of the Sights of Grover

Unfortunately, being trapped in a car for many hours can be a tad tedious--even with Adventures in Odyssey. Thankfully, the girls amused themselves.


So, there you have it. One of the life-long learning adventures of three grown up homeschooled kids.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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  1. Ken

    Luke. That is very, very cool. A small town museum and checking out the roots is one of my favorite things. Whenever we go to the small towns in Mexico from which my wife's family came, we LOVE to walk visit the museum. Small town museums have a very special appeal. The last time we were down in Mexico we hit Villaldama--no family, but a GREAT small town museum. In November, we hope to go to the small town of Hualauises where a distant cousin is mayor. I am hoping to do just exactly what you did in Colorado. There are some great family moments in all that too.

  2. Mrs. C

    It looks like a very beautiful place, but also very windy. :]

  3. Becky

    So, so fun. What a great adventure. I love that kind of day. Yay.

  4. Kim & Dave

    Oh, Luke! This post made me smile!! I, too, love to visit small towns!!! Especially if there is history with my family there!

  5. Sheri

    Ok, first off when I was scanning the post my eyes thought you wrote "Cement factory"-so I was immediately wondering why her grandparent was buried in a cement factory-was he mofia? LOL-then I sat down and read it....too funny...and I love the shot with the windmill. We're going to be doing a lapbook on the book "The Bravest of Us All" and the windmill is a big part of the background scenery/story line-you're pic would make an excellent addition-altho I am respecting your photographic rights on it-I will just admire it on your post. Love the pics-and so very glad you enjoyed yourselves!

  6. Prisca:

    great pics--i love Colorado and haven't been there in forever! *sigh*

  7. Miss Jocelyn

    Lots of great photos! :)

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. Sorry it took me so long to return the note! :)

    Miss Jocelyn,

  8. ~ Angi :)

    Ha! "the adventures of three adult homeschooled kids!" :rotflol:

    Love it! :D

  9. Luke

    Ken, way cool! No mayors in the family connection there... but there was a distant relative who built the first hotel... <smile>

    Mrs. C, it was a little windy... which is good because they had recently constructed 283 wind turbines to produce electricity <smile>.

    Becky, it was fun <smile>.

    Kim, glad I got a smile <smile>.

    Sheri, that's hilarious! And if you want to print off a copy of my photograph for your lapbook, go right ahead. Just, please don't pass it around with attribution <smile>.

    Prisca, well, it's still beautiful here if you ever make it out this way again <smile>.

    Miss Jocelyn, you are most welcome. Thanks for swinging by <smile>.

    Angi, glad you love it. And us adult homeschooled kids love it too (my wife laughed when I read it to her) <smile>.


  10. Heather the Mama Duk

    Looks beautiful there :)

  11. Luke

    It is <smile>.