Greater Educators

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Read Part 3 if you missed it.

I'd like to end this series by turning the focus around.

See, I've had some really great teachers over the years. And they weren't all just my mom. And they weren't just my AWANA Counselors, Camp Group Leaders, Sunday School teachers, pastors, coaches and mentors--though I've had a fair share of great people in those roles as well. There were more. Many more.

I look back with fondness as I remember:

  • The high school teacher who gave me a zero on an assignment because I forgot to put my name at the top. That was an important lesson to learn and I'm glad she didn't budge from her decision. (Notice how all these posts are signed?)
  • My Psychology teacher who helped me rock on the AP Psych exam. (His course is now available to homeschoolers in the form of Sonlight's Psychology program.)
  • My Bible professor who continues to check up on me every now and again.
  • My film prof who took time every week to talk with me about my dreams, goals and ideas.

That's just to list a few.

I am not one to say that homeschooling is the only way we should learn. I am not against other educational models. I have benefited from public and private schooling myself. I have had the benefit of many great educators. Many of whom were outside of the school system entirely.

And that is why I say, over and over again, "Homeschooling is a great option." Walking down one path requires you to abandon another. There are fantastic options and resources out there. And you, as the parent, have the great responsibility and opportunity to choose what will be best for you and your students.

You can teach your child. And no matter what other opportunities you invest in, your students will have many other mentors and teachers. This is a wonderful thing that only adds to the beauty of homeschooling.

On the other hand, you can relax and go where you need to in life. Mary Grace has a very good post on this subject.

Whether with Sonlight or no, may you and your children be blessed with confidence as you work together on sorting out life's mysteries.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Surrogate Father

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