Go Somewhere You've Never Been (and may never visit)

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I enjoyed Jennifer Fulwiler's How to think about the afterlife blog post. But as the ideas have blown like tumbleweeds down the barren roads of my mind, I got to thinking about literature. I'm never going to be a two-dimensional object, but Flatland helped me imagine what it would be like. And while I can't, truly, imagine the New Heaven and New Earth, C.S. Lewis gave me a pretty compelling glimpse of what it could be like in the final pages of The Last Battle. And I can't go back in time and live life as a young boy on an expedition through the Southwest, but I can experience it in the story of Walk the World's Rim.

That's the power of literature. Great books paint pictures for us that we can step through and experience things we otherwise could not.

The good people behind Myst hint at just that with the linking books. You may not geek out at this as much as I did, but I found the "real Myst book" to be pretty cool:

What worlds, times, or places have you enjoyed experiencing in the books you've read? Any other Myst fans out there?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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