Gifts: Brown Paper Bag Edition

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A few days ago, I came up my walk and discovered a large paper bag on my stoop with my name on it. It wasn't on fire, which is a good sign, and I figured it was a present from one of my neighbors.

The night before, at 3:45am, I was alerted to the fact that some boys where moving trashcans around. Namely, my trashcans. They were bored, and so in an act of hoodlumary and teenage rebellion, they decided to take my trashcans and put them on someone else's drive. So I, dressed in nothing more than yellow shorts, went outside to confront them. My reasoning was that, as the many cultures who went to war naked discovered: it's much scarier to be confronted with a madman in the buff.

They moved my trashcan back.

And the next day I had a bag with a note of apology and a six-pack by my front door. A kind and thoughtful gesture, though I can't stand the taste of alcohol, so cream soda would have been more fun for me.


Also in the photo above is a gift we got from some of the kids we teach for Sunday School--since we're going on Summer Break. It is a paint can filled with s'more supplies and a very cute poem. My dad asked me to blog about it because we all need a little encouragement and some ideas of how we can bless those who serve us. And he's right. I'm terrible about giving thank you gifts, but they sure are great to receive.

And one last gift, this from the code demons of the blogoverse:

Blog Fail

It only happens in IE. It goes away if you clear your cache. It comes back if you refresh my blog.

Thank you to all my readers using Firefox, RSS, or some other tool that continues to display my blog content day after day. I will be working on this issue more next week.

Speaking of next week: I have to take some time off, so I won't be around as much next week. Sorry, friends.

Have a great Memorial Day!

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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  1. Morgan

    So the neighbor kids bought alcohol? Or it was from their parents?

    I like the idea of the Smores gift.

  2. Sheri

    Ok, so send the beer here, my hubby would appreciate a treat like that. I am more a smores kinda gal. Neat idea. Have a good weekend-guess you have something to offer up your guests? Or maybe the neighbor who bought it-LOL.

  3. Billy Coffey

    You must've scared them if you got a six-pack apology from them! Hoodlums with a conscience. That's great.

  4. ~ Angi :)

    I cleared my cache and it didn't go away, Luke. :( I moved my main computer to Chrome, just to get by. What do you suggest now, oh guru, of lesser years than my mate? ~grin~

    I was hoping perhaps windows would have an new update, and that it was merely a patch problem. :sigh:

    Lessee. As for the trash can thieves, and to re-introduce my husbands methods into the mix yet again, they'd better count their stars that you didn't have [his] slingshot in hand at your brash display of bravado! LOL

  5. se7en

    My man is the same - confront hoodlums in the dead of night as you are - he reckons they will get a terrible fright and run screaming... (I am not sure if it is blind faith or madness in our insane part of the world). He also grabs a camera for evidence and the flash is blinding! Only once was the perpetrator armed and he, the "perp," got such a fright that he did in fact run screaming.

  6. Wendy

    Ha! Had to get up really early on a Saturday morning to help a child get ready for a tournament trip. This post made it bearable, what a laugh!

  7. Jenny

    Let's see....

    "Sorry we were breaking the law by absconding with your personal property. We want to make it up to you by illegally purchasing alcoholic beverages."

    What a hoot! I hope their parents made THAT purchase!

  8. Rosslyn Elliott

    LOL! That's funny, Luke. But unlike Billy, I assumed that you must have been so *kind* that they felt guilty. Heaping coals, and all that.

    Have a great break.

  9. Warren Baldwin

    Neat story! Sounds like they are basically good kids ... but I do wonder, like Morgan, where'd they get the beer? Be funny if they stole it ... no it wouldn't.

    Anyway, it would be helpful if you explained Firefox, RSS and anything else like that. I'm kinda old and still learning about all this internet, FaceBook, blogging, texting stuff. Thanks, wb

  10. Butter

    I'm sure you made quite the impression on those hoodlums for them to offer a 6 pack in apology.

  11. boremetotears

    "It's much scarier to be confronted with a madman in the buff."

    I. did. not. know. that. :) I'm gonnna go write that down for future reference.

  12. Shauna

    According to my blog readers who refuse to be persuaded to switch to Firefox or Flock, this appears to be problem on Blogger's end and is affecting some Blogger blogs when viewed on IE. Here's what Blogger has to say about it on their Known Issues for Blogger page:

    "Some users are seeing an 'Operation Aborted' error message when trying to load their blogs from Internet Explorer. We're looking into this and will update this message when we have a fix."

  13. Luke

    Morgan, it was from them... I'm really not sure how old they are. And the older I get, the harder it is for me to guess ages. <smile>

    Sheri, if you guys were nearby I'd totally drop a few bottles off. My wife said that it tasted very "yeasty" ... so not my thing at all <smile>.

    Billy, I thought it was great too <smile>.

    Angi, it appears that the problem has been fixed. Which is good because we had no idea what was going on. And, yes, perhaps it's time to invest in one of those amazing slingshots... <smile>

    Se7en, that's hilarious! <laughing> I thought about grabbing the camera, but I felt that wouldn't be as intimidating. "Ho, you there! Would you return my trashcans to their home and pose for a picture for my blog while you're at it?" <smile>

    Wendy, so glad!

    Jenny, I'm sure the person who got it was of legal age, but yes... hilarious <smile>.

    Rosslyn, ooo... yeah, I like that better <smile>. I did try to be civil.

    Warren, I'll post about that today! Great suggestion.

    Butter, I sure hope so <smile>.

    boremetotears, <laughing> use that knowledge wisely, as confronting people while in the buff in public is against the law in most areas of the US.

    Shauna, thanks for alerting me to Blogger's note on this issue. It appears to have gone away, but if I hear more about it, I may have to remove the Followers widget for a few days...


  14. Cat

    LOL Luke!!!!! That story brought an image to my mind that is just tooo funny for words. What did you end up doing with the 6-pack by the way? lol

  15. Luke

    Cat, I'm not sure what happened to the beer. My wife tried to drink one and said it was too nasty. Same with her sister who is visiting us. The other four bottles are probably somewhere in my house, but we just got back from camping so I have no idea <smile>.


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