Free Curriculum and Little Things

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On Tuesday, June 30th, we will announce the winner of a year's worth of curriculum!

In the mean time, check out a short video where Bo explains how we will choose the winner:

Sonlight's Free Curriculum Winner Selection Process

If you missed out on the first opportunity, we will have another drawing for first time catalog requesters to win a complete Newcomer Package of their choice. Find out more about the sweepstakes here and tell your friends!

In other news: I felt crazy overwhelmed today. Tons of little things running around, waving their many arms and crying out, "ME! ME! Help me, Luke! Help meeeeee!"

It's the Little Things

Sometimes, I'll admit, I'd rather squish the little things than deal with them.

I'm just sayin'.

How was your day?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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