Forty-Five Bucks

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Lots1 of meetings today that required more brain-power than my current glucose levels can replenish.

So instead of an incredible and insightful post on the wonders of homeschooling with Sonlight's incredibly wonderful homeschool curriculum, I'll just give you this gem I found on Sonlight's website the other day2:

$45 value for only $53.75!

Maybe this is why people get the incorrect impression that Sonlight is so expensive... <laughing>

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

1Okay, okay, I only had two meetings.
2I fixed the issue after I took a screen shot.

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  1. TerriW

    Luke, have I lost my mind, or when you go to the "Individual Items" tab for Science Level 1, is the IG not there anymore ... ???

    I know, you're not my personal tech support. *cough*

    But I'm sitting here with my shopping cart thinking, am I nuts? I know I bought the SciK IG individually before...

  2. Cat

    Good catch with that typo. I've caught a few in the past on the site too and reported them via the forums, but wow I would have never caught that one.

  3. Luke

    Terri, well, you haven't lost your mind because it very much isn't there <laughing> The IG is still on the site via the IG tab under Subjects: You can purchase 1TS from its own page as well:

    And I'm not your personal tech support, but I am here to help in any way I can <smile>.

    If you'd like to submit your feedback officially, that would be great! Then, if you make a really good case for why you feel the IG should be there, I'm sure they'd let me put it back <smile>.

    Cat, thanks! There are tons of typos and other issues on the site. It's amazing what different people catch. Just goes to show: More eyes help catch mistakes! <smile>


  4. Butter

    LOL I love mistakes like that.

  5. Luke

    Me too... just wish they weren't on my site <laughing>.