Flint, Tinder and Kindling

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No, I wasn't just camping.

Nope, I'm not trying to "spark" a debate. Nothing needs to get "heated" about this.

I'm simply relaying the fact that I have finally seen the much hyped "Kindle" from Amazon.

First: The E Ink is amazing. Very cool stuff and very easy on the eyes. But the 600x800 resolution feels a little old-school. It doesn't make the text hard to read, but it isn't really pristine either. It feels very turn-of-the-millennium.

Second: The body of the machine feels cheap. I felt like I was looking at my Apple IIe again. Nostalgic, sure, but hardly next-gen technology.

Third: It felt slow. Everything about it felt clunky: Typing, navigating, loading. Once there, the rock-solid E Ink was fantastic, but until the "page" loaded, I felt like tapping my foot. The page turns aren't nearly fast enough for expert readers: <shnick><shnick><shnick> [How do you type that sound?]

I'm very interested in how the next round of Kindles look and behave. There is something to this new display technology and the digital release of text (blogs, anyone?), but the digital device isn't here yet.

At least, not for me.

So, in a few years, the face of books may change. The initial sparks have been made, but the tinder has yet to start smoking. It may be that one day we'll be able to tell a "book" by it's plastic cover, but we don't have a fire yet.

~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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  1. Swylv

    I'm about ready to publish your comment at my weblog and I just wanted to say wow, a Sonlight person visited my humble weblog ... it's kind of like an honor.

    thanks :-)

  2. Luke

    Thanks so much for commenting back on my blog! It's an honor to me as well!


  3. Elwood

    I'm an expert reader and I find that the page turns aren't slowing me down at all. To me, it's every bit as good as curling up with a real book, once you get the hang of it. The device disappears and the story unfolds "normally." I'm really enjoying my Kindle. I love books and I own a very large library, but I'm excited at the possibilities the Kindle brings. I might just sell all my books on eBay. Ok, not really.

  4. Elwood

    ...oh, and I read your blog on my Kindle too.

  5. Luke

    Way cool that people are reading this blog on a Kindle! Super exciting!

    I actually didn't get to sit down and read with the Kindle, so I'm glad to hear the page turns work well. It is not surprising to me that the machine disappears, since that happens with books as well.

    As I said in the post: I'm super excited to see where this technology goes, and am really glad to hear the reading experience is fantastic.