Flexible and Doable: 2016-2017 Sonlight Curriculum Changes

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I pray every day for homeschool parents like you. I want you to know you can do this. I want you to be equipped for this worthy task. I want you to love your homeschool.

So, I constantly ask myself how Sonlight can help your family have a great homeschool experience.

And this year, my top priority was to make sure our curriculum felt doable. I want new and seasoned moms alike to dive in and be confident using Sonlight.

My daughters and I read hundreds of potential new books for our curriculum programs this year. We found some replacements for our already great titles. So you'll find 34 new titles throughout our History / Bible / Literature packages this year. Each had to be weighed against the old titles and had to be better. A tough but thrilling task!

But to make our curriculum more doable, we also pulled titles from each lower-level History / Bible / Literature program. We kept the best and focused on quality over quantity. All of the lower-level programs now have fewer titles, so you have time to savor them all. And of course, you are still welcome to drop books or add in extra titles as you please.

You'll also have much cleaner, clearer Instructor's Guides this year. We kept the content (though we cut down some longer notes for the sake of keeping the whole doable). But the layout and design now make it easier for you to adapt the schedule as you please, just as Sonlight parents tell us they do. Even if you read ahead or go slower with your books, it's now easier to find the notes and teaching helps you need. If you're headed to the park or on a road trip, you can easily grab the Instructor's Guide pages and books you need, and be ready to go.

And at last, you can build your own Full Grade Package and still get all the discounts and benefits that come with doing so. Don't prefer the math we recommend for our 1st Grade Full-Grade Package? Pull it out and add the one you like. Need a different level of Science? You can do that now. So now you have the flexibility to either pick the package we've already built with our best recommendations, or you can build your own based on your own needs.

More flexible and easier to use: I can stand behind that!

Your new 2016-2017 catalog should be at your doorstep soon so you can see exactly what your year ahead holds. Or if you're not on our list to receive the catalog already, request your catalog here.

Here's to a wonderful and effective homeschool experience for you and your family now and in the year to come!


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