Feeling a Bit of Panic? Consider this...

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It wasn't panic, per se, that woke me at 4:27 this morning. It wasn't even "worry." My brain simply wanted to remind me of the daunting, 8-hour ordeal ahead of me today. 'Maybe,' my distraught processing center whispered, 'just maybe, it will take you 10 or 12 hours! And you'll be working on it all next week as well! Just think about that!'

Needless to say, I resonate with The Awkward Yeti when I Wake Up before my alarm.

If you've been feeling overwhelmed by everything you and your children need to do this year, just remember that the dread you're feeling is similar to the panic you had at the start of every semester in college. This is merely the common overwhelming feeling that happens when you try to wrap your head around an entire year's worth of material in a single afternoon.

You'll do great.

Breathe. Rest. Perhaps have some tea (or coffee, if that's your thing).

You can do this.

Don't listen to your brain on this one. Sometimes you got to turn off that worry-wart and let your heart remind you that what you're stepping out into is beautiful. Sometimes these life-long pursuits are better for the journey.

Just don't tell my brain. He'd flip.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Pseudo-Dad

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