Famous Homeschoolers

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I've always found it fascinating each time I learn of some other well-known individual who was homeschooled. Part of me thinks that if that person did so well in life "despite" being homeschooled, there is hope for my kids!

If you've never read about any famous homeschoolers, take a few minutes to do so with your kids. You may be surprised ... they may be encouraged. It's an exercise worth pursuing.

Now we can add another prestigious name to that list ... Willard S. Boyle was recently awarded 1/4 of the Nobel prize for physics. How exciting to learn that he was homeschooled! His mama (if she is still living) is surely proud of him.

Who knows what potential sits around your kitchen table today ... sleepily working their way through their spelling words or the intricacies of chemistry.

Blessings ...

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