Family Portrait

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We just had our picture taken with the whole family.

We did it last year too, and I think they turned out nice--despite little ones who don't understand the concept of looking at a camera or smiling. Today, with two babies, was little different.

And even though I can't find all the links now, I know others have blogged about the experience that is a family photo. I certainly remember the days when I was younger and we had to stand for what felt like hours in unnatural clothes and smile. Smile because "we're a happy family, dangit!" And I know I've seen a few "this is what my kids looked like right before we snapped this perfect picture" comparisons out there.

And isn't that how life so often is? We're not really trying to lie about our lives, we're just trying to make ourselves presentable.

But there are things about all of us--unless you're one of those annoying perfect people--that really are less than ideal. And even in my very close, happy, love-being-together family, there's some drama now and again.

This reminds me of the "Family Portrait" song by Pink. I am so thankful that I have such a loving and close family, but I know there are many people who don't have such a thing; where holidays are terrible experiences fully of pain, anger, or reminders of loss.

May we all reach out with love to one another, both in our families and out, so that the next time we take a picture our smiles are even more genuine whether we're in an itchy turtleneck or not.

~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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  1. Jennifer @ Quiverfull Family

    Sooo....where exactly is the link to your family portrait? ;) We did one a week or so ago too. Here's ours - Shoot me a note back with yours so I can check it out!

  2. Luke

    Thanks for the link!

    I can't link to ours because:

    1. We don't have a copy from the photographer yet, and

    2. It is a professional photographer, so I believe they "own the copyright" of the image and I'm not allowed to post it. We'll see what happens.