Excuses to Keep Reading

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There's an ad/reminder campaign going on at our local theater that asks, "Does your phone dream when it's off?" The idea is to text "dream" to a number and then shut off your phone for the movie. Mildly clever.

Cindy posted a story on Facebook that is even better. When she got the end of a chapter in one of our particularly exciting titles, her daughter told her she couldn't stop. "Alice might be dead by the time we get back!" she exclaimed.

Phones, when we shut them off, go to sleep. Aside from keeping time and--if you have one of them fancy "smartphones"--maintaining your apps and such, they do little else. When you close a book, the world remains, waiting for you to rejoin it. No, the story does not continue without you, in that you may have missed something when you come back. At the same time, the story, in its entirety, is bound up in that little volume.

Do Your Books Dream?

What's the best excuse your kids have given you to keep reading?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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