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Okay, you hung with me through my Cloverfield spoof. Now bear with me while I link to the end credits of Portal:

Still Alive - Portal End Credits

While we didn't manufacture weapons or promise you cake [that makes way more sense if you've played Portal], this song sums up my thoughts of today's Virutal Meetup as good as just about anything. It was a huge success... and a massive trial all at the same time.

Thank you all for sticking with us through the madness, technical issues, laughter and tears.

I will do my best to get recordings of everything up and posted soon-ish.

But for now: It's time to head home. Long day. Thanks for spending it with us as we celebrate 20 years!

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Surrogate Father

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  1. Becca in MD

    It was certainly an experience!! I feel like my eyes might fall out from trying to keep up with the chat. Did you have anyone on your team that's handled large groups for chats before? There really is a lot of experience in this area (I've got some myself) and I'm sure there are people who would be willing to help out.

  2. Jules

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA LOVE the cake comment!! LOL I was there today from the beginning until 6pm est Thanks for a great day! I hadn't expected SO many participants!!

  3. Mom

    AWESOME Day. You did a great job, Luke.

  4. Chele

    Thank you Luke, John, Sarita and everyone for providing this for us. Yes it was hard to keep up, but it was an awesome adventure too. In honor of the meet-up I did a digital layout and posted on my blog as my weekly blessing:

  5. Annemarie

    Huge success is an understatement! I was so amazed that with 1000 people logged in, I was still able to read what was being said. It was a blast!

    I loved Sonlight before and love it even more now! Yup, seeing the people behind the company was such a blessing. Great job!

    But the highlight was listening to your Mom. I wonder, does she know the extent to which others are blessed through her? Actually, I know there is no way she can possible know that. Praying for you guys today!


    ps. Rewards points ROCK. just sayin'.

  6. The Reader

    thanks so much for all of the hard work! It was wonderful, worked beautifully, the glitches were more than tolerable, the turn-out was amazing, and it was truly a pleasure and a blessing to be able to celebrate with you guys! Thanks for a wonderful day!!!

  7. Robin E.

    My early morning errands turned into all morning errands yesterday, so I didn't join the fun until your Sonlight Field Tour session. Well done, Luke, and very enjoyable all around. I hope you had a good night's rest after such a long, hard, exciting day.

  8. Michelle

    As much as I tried to set aside the whole day to participate in the meet-up, I only got to see the last half of John's talk in the morning - and I missed your whole video! :(

    My dh was sick, it was the only day of this entire week I could take the kids to the beach, and errands took up my time too.


    It sounds like a success - and I'm looking forward to seeing the videos posted so I can enjoy the talks/movies/etc when my house is much quieter...

    Thanks for all your hard work Luke!

  9. Luke

    I'm glad you all enjoyed the experience! It was more than a little stressful at times. I'm working on getting the sessions ready for posting. <smile>


  10. homeschoolmom

    great song. glad to see you kept your sense of humor despite the craziness of the day! :D

  11. Luke

    I do my best, Stephanie <smile>. Glad you enjoyed the song. Makes me smile.