Educators (i.e. Those In The System)

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I have the impression of brown, earthy tones. But I honestly don't remember the color. The room smelled old. There was a white dented radiator to my left. The windows to my right must have been shaded. I have no memory of trees outside.

The walk up the creaking steps had only reinforced the foreign nature of this place. I wasn't exactly nervous, but there was a certain unease about the locale. Not sinister; brooding.

I was about to take a standardized test that would determine if I was learning adequately at home. I had done this kind of thing before and, near as I could tell, was still allowed to homeschool. That had to mean something.

The test started after the usual admonitions to fill in the bubbles completely. I must have ended a section early because suddenly the woman who was watching us take the test was at my side.

She showed me a piece of paper.

"Is this how you spell 'mystery'?" she asked.

The world suddenly began to spin the wrong way. Was this a test? Did she really not know? Why was she asking me? Worse yet, my mother had not yet begun to drill us on spelling. Was I reading into reverse psychology too much and so assuming that she was tricking me when she really wasn't and so it really was the right spelling, or was she testing my knowledge in such a way so as to find out if I was a fool and I would fail the exam entirely based on this one question? I was getting dizzy.

She was looking at me.

"Umm," I fought for time. "It looks right to me, but..." I could think of no way to pad myself from choosing wrong. "Yeah," I ended lamely.

She smiled and moved back to front of the classroom.

To this day I have no idea why she was asking me about the proper spelling of 'mystery,' which, I suppose, just makes it an even greater mystery.

Here's the link to Part 2.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Surrogate Father

P.S. Internet Explorer gives me grief. But the graphical header shift bug has been fixed. Well, hacked. I have no idea why it was shifting my blog up fifteen pixels. I compared the code to another blog that was working correctly... and the code is identical.


Almost as confusing as a test administrator randomly asking you how to spell a word.

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