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Science is such a wonderful subject. What started as a pursuit to understand the world God created has blossomed into a panoply of focused areas of study. Yet this fascinating glimpse into the workings of the natural world is too often bogged down in school by time consuming and bothersome busywork (which is captured so well in this Foxtrot strip).

Sonlight makes it easy for you to do science activities with your children by...

  1. Giving you the pieces you need. Often activities take more time than we have because of the "hunting/gathering" stage before we can start. Equipped with a Science Supply Kit, you're ready to go right away.
  2. Showing you how to do the activities. Since the release of the Discover & Do Science DVDs, homeschool moms have discovered that their children now demanded that they be allowed to do science activities. Not only can you see exactly how to do the experiment, but your students are inspired to try it themselves.

But wait, there's more.

Sonlight is a literature-rich homeschool curriculum, and that extends into the study of Science as well. I love the book Diary of an Early American Boy. That book inspired me with descriptions of water wheels and bridges. I'm pretty sure Science E was my favorite because of the great books, fun experiments and fantastic activities.

Do you love Science?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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