Easy Gluten-free Cookie Recipe

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You visit Sonlight's blog for three reasons:

  1. The wit
  2. The profound insights
  3. My recipes

You don't come here for recipes?

Probably because I don't have many recipes and the few I do have I seldom share. But today, while trying to come up with something to blog about, I pulled out a peanut butter sugar cookie and started munching.

I Made This Cookie and I ate it too

Fun? Check.
Tasty? Check.
Easy to do? Check.
Homeschool related? Check.
Perfect blog fodder? Check.

These cookies take 20 minutes from start to finish. And I don't mean in the traditional cooking show way of: 20 minutes if you have everything prepped in those little bowls and the oven on and you don't need to look at the directions. I mean, 20 minutes from when you think, 'I think I'll make some cookies,' to when you can be munching. My kind of 20 minutes.

Step 1: Turn on your oven to 375°
Step 2: Mix 1cup peanut butter, 1cup sugar, 1tsp vanilla and 1 egg (a mixing machine makes this even easier)
Step 3: Form into balls on cookie sheet

Step 3b: (optional) Use fork to make pretty lines on cookies
Step 3c: (optional) Sprinkle sugar on top if a 1:1 ratio isn't good enough for ya

Step 4: Bake for 9 minutes
Step 5: Remove and let cool
Step 6: Eat a limited quantity ***this is the hardest part***

This is a great activity for the whole family (assuming you don't have a peanut sensitivity). You can discuss what happens when you heat sugar, the microbe-killing effect of cooking eggs, the importance of a healthy diet, displacement when force is applied to matter, and even the calming nature of a good snack. Chemistry, biology, dietetics, physics and sociology--not to mention cookies--in 20 minutes?

Not bad for a Friday afternoon.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Surrogate Father

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  1. mom

    Really? That's all there is to that recipe? My oldest has been dx w/celiac disease and I always wish I had more options for him to nibble on when he comes home for a visit... GF options that don't cost an arm and a leg! I'll try these the next time! Thanks, Luke!

    Tammy ~@~

  2. Mrs. C

    It isn't egg free! Woodjie's allergic! I will have to eat his share. Sorry, Woodj. :)

  3. Luke

    Happy to help, Tammy! Hope the cookies are a hit <smile>.

    Mrs. C, the sacrifices you make for your children... it brings tears to my eyes <smile>. I do have a no-bake cookie recipe that doesn't include egg... maybe I'll post that another time.


  4. mareserinitatis

    If someone has peanut allergies, they could always use almond butter (unless they also have an allergy to tree nuts).

  5. Luke

    I've never tried those cookies with almond butter, but I probably should someday. Good point, Cherish!


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