Do It! Do It Now!

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<said in my best Schwarzenegger impression>

The latest giving opportunity from Sonlight is drawing to a close. The Sonlight | OneVerse Project is almost over.

So now (yes, right now) is the time to give. That way your gift can be matched.

Check out the progress we've made thus far by visiting And don't forget to give.

First you've heard about this amazing opportunity?

Well, let me catch you up really quickly: Give through Friday, December 11 and Sonlight will match your gift 100%. For every $26 OneVerse raises, one verse of the Bible will be translated into a language that has never had the Word of God in their native tongue before. So, with Sonlight's matching opportunity, that means you can translate two verses for only $26! We are praying for three full translations of the Bible. From what I can tell, we've just started translation number two.

So, again: Please join us in giving.


 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Surrogate Father

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