Days You Don't Get Anything Done

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Today was a day I "didn't get anything done." At least, that's how it felt. I kept getting bogged down; immobilized by issues I couldn't figure out how to resolve.

Have you ever had such a day? How do you recover, move on, handle it?

Me? When I finally decide that it's not worth beating my head against the wall any longer, I try to find something that I can feel successful doing. It can be something simple (like baking quick and easy cookies), or educational (such as learning to code), or personally gratifying (like tinkering with one of my hobbies).

The big thing is to distance myself from the issue and focus on something else entirely. My hope is that tomorrow I can tackle the issue with renewed vigor and a different approach (if needed). I've read many homeschool moms suggest mixing things up when the usual routine isn't working on a particular day.

What tips do you have for overcoming a day that just didn't seem to go well? Because, at the moment, I'd sure appreciate any insights you have <smile>.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

P.S. If you have a child even remotely interested in learning how to code, check out I've been super impressed with it thus far.

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Gina Clifford

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  1. I quite agree. We love to have "backwards day" at our house. On those days we start from the last subject (which is usually the one we don't get to anyway so that's good!) and work our way up. Gives a fresh outlook to the day!!

  2. Kelly johnson

    Days when I feel like I'm running in circles I find I need to make a decision or NOTHING will get done. I pick one thing to start with and try to fidget eveuthing until that one thing is done. Ok so I thought I could fold laundry while giving a spelling test and answering math questions while lunch cooks on the stove. Instead I need to choose one thing at a time. So if the laundry isn't done at the end of the day or the spelling test waits until tomorrow, that's ok. It's hard to let go of things sometimes but if I don't I end up getting nothing done and then I feel crazy at the end of the day.

  3. Kelly johnson


  4. I really like that, Brenda <smile>.

    Great point, Kelly. Sometimes we do pull ourselves in too many directions.


  5. On days when I can't get anything done I go for a walk! In England I'm lucky because nothing stops me from heading out. However, when I lived in Texas the 100 degree days stopped me at the thresh hold of my air conditioned abode! (I've watched the video!) so....
    I read a book, to myself out loud, I don't mind.
    And when I just can't settle to any of the above, my last resort is...
    I move furniture!!

  6. Vivienne, we joke that my mother-in-law rearranges her house when she has too much time on her hands, so you're in good company! <smile>