"compensation at least a midget while"

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Remember this post where someone just threw together a bunch of hot keywords into an almost unintelligible post?

Well, I found an even better one this morning: Check this madness out. Something took a legitimate blog post and added random words to it. More than that, they took my comment (at the bottom of the post) and made me sound incredibly eloquent:

I’m so eager you own broach tools that spur in compensation you and your species, and that Sonlight was deal of that in compensation at least a midget while [smile].


I never imagined--when I first started blogging--that it would come to this. But I guess that's just one of the prices you have pay when you're famous: People twist your words.

In other information, they obtained my of hair in order to cut off on the night yesterday. My woman which cuts off far by around 3 quarrels and I observes by very small person which wild.*

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

P.S. While not quite as painful as bamboo, getting a sliver of carrot under your fingernail is not pleasant. Who knew making smoothies could be so dangerous?

*Originally: In other news, I got my hair cut last night. My wife chopped off about three inches and I look much less like a wild man.

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  1. Danielle

    Oh heck, smoothies are very dangerous to make. You ever forgotten to put the lid on the blender? :D

  2. Mrs. C

    Once we made milkshakes and the blender caught fire. I vote milkshakes are more dangerous.


    No. It isn't more dangerous. What is more dangerous is that I got upset that there were these sparks coming out the back end of the blender, so I put it outside on my wooden deck in the back so it would be safe. Yeah.

    Thankfully that is the end of the story, but my husband was miffed!

  3. David BC Tan

    yeah - that was my blog they mangled. what gives?

  4. Ariana

    I clicked those links and now my brain hurts.

    And you can't talk of a haircut without pictures. It's a blog rule!

  5. Luke

    Danielle, no, I haven't forgotten the lid yet. But I can imagine what would happen <smile>.

    Mrs. C, milkshakes and fire? Now that sounds like fun! <laughing> And, yes, adding wood to the mix would be less than ideal.

    David, I don't know. We're guessing that someone is stealing content to try to drive people to their ad supported site. But I really don't know.

    Ariana, <laughing> yeah, they're hard to read.

    And, you're right: I did just break a rule of blogging. Sorry! I'll fix that in a few minutes with my next post.


  6. Heather the Mama Duk

    LOL Those are just plain funny.