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We've been in the process of doing a major Sonlight brand overhaul for a couple years now. This has been further influenced by our 20th Anniversary. 20 years of serving the homeschool community. 20 years of improving our product. 20 years of leading in excellent literature-rich homeschooling.

But today, a physical change occurred here at Sonlight: Our old logo was removed from the building.

Ghost of Logo Past

This will be replaced with our new logo. As I listen to the scraping of the stucco workers outside, I am reminded of the hard work that has gone into getting us to where we are today. The continually improved curriculum packages. The yearly updated Instructor's Guides. The daily commitment to providing you with excellent support. And our commitment to serve you as long as God allows.

There's something almost melancholy--pensive--about this moment. Change, for all it's excitement, leaves something behind... like the ghostly shadow of the logo that is being scrapped off the building's facade even as I type.

May this year, and the years to come, see even more changes here at Sonlight; changes that benefit you and bless you in your homeschooling journey.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Surrogate Father

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  1. Sue

    Hey, I guess that means my old Sonlight fleece pullover and canvas bags will be collectors items!

    It does seem a little sad, but I can't wait to see what the new logo looks like. We are so thankful for Sonlight. Happy 20th anniversary!

  2. Mrs. C

    You can't just leave a post like that hanging! Where's the new logo???

  3. Luke

    Sue, that's a good point. Better hold on to my old Sonlight-wear <smile>.

    Umm... and for everyone wondering what the new logo looks like, it's on the front of the 2009 catalog. Did no one notice that? It was all over our website until it got swapped out for the 2010 version of the logo.

    ...maybe I should have clarified: We're finally getting around to replacing the old logo with the one we started using in 2009...

    Clearer? I didn't mean to insinuate that we have yet another new logo <smile>.


  4. Paul Merrill

    Thanks for being willing to grow & change!

  5. Luke

    It's a requirement to move forward, Paul <smile>. I'm glad to be part of a company that is moving forward!