Cha Cha Changing Curriculum

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I remembered looking at Sonlight a long time ago and thinking it was too expensive. As I researched it some more I was hooked. I'm a bookworm and the boys absolutely love having a book read to them.

Opening the Box

For the first time in my homeschooling experience I feel like I have made some really good moves to make our homeschool experience better. I use to be so scared to pick and choose from different curriculum. I think a good bit of parents are. You have concerns about them not "meshing" well together, or making it more confusing on the children (and yourself). I want to confirm to anyone struggling in this area that it can be done. You just have to put enough trust in yourself that YOU know what is best for your children.

Having a Blast in Their Space Shuttle

Emily shares much more about her homeschool history, encouragement, as well as her Box Day (with more pictures) on her blog.

Read the rest of Emily's Box Day Story here.

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  1. Rikki

    I am blessed with a husband who said something like, "Choose the curriculum that will be the best fit for our family." He is a very budget conscious individual so I was a bit surprised that he didn't give me a budget limit for the curriculum. He pored over catalogs with me and agreed that Sonlight looked like a good fit for our family. It was after we had chosen Sonlight that we looked at the price tag and were told by others that it was "one of the most expensive curriculums on the market." Then we realized, like many others do, that by having a curriculum that is so reusable cost per child wasn't that much- and we only have two children. So far our Sonlight journey has been great! It isn't enough books for my oldest, but we have plenty of good libraries in our area.
    Of course my son is jealous- he was really hoping for a spaceship box this year, I must have mentioned in passing that some boxes were castles and others spaceships, once, last year.