Catalog Sneak Peek: The Wheel

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You may have noticed the following picture show up on Facebook over the weekend:

Core Wheel

What is it?

The "Core Wheel" as a quick reminder of what is included in your Core. It also hints at what other subjects you can add to your Sonlight experience. This handy guide shows up throughout your Catalog. You can immediately see that History, Read-Alouds, Bible and Readers make up your Core. The Readers part is lighter because you can select the Reader program that matches your child in the early years.

Once you've selected your Core program, move around the wheel to add the Language Arts, Handwriting, Science, Math, Electives and Resources you would like to include in your school year.

Nifty, eh?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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  1. Harmony

    This will be so helpful! As a fairly new homeschooling mom, I'm always double-checking if I am including everything. Now I'll have a simple tool to help break it down for me.

  2. Kim

    Oooh, oooh, looks like Bible is going to be included again?? It's not nice to tease, lol!

  3. The Reader

    Does that mean Bible is no longer an optional part?

    And, yes I see Kim's comment and am chuckling that she and I are apparently on opposite sides of the issue on that, LOL!

    Does look like the best visual yet for showing what is included, what might need to be added, etc. I'd guess SL really nailed it with that visual!

  4. Luke

    Glad you like it, Harmony. <smile>

    Kim and Reader, we are not changing how we handle Bible. What we are attempting to do this year--with the new Catalog and new website--is make it clearer how Sonlight handles Bible. You can read more about this when you get your new Catalog, but I'll summarize it here:

    Sonlight has always included Bible in our Cores. You read through the entire Bible several times over your years with Sonlight. However, Sonlight also offers additional Bible study tools which you can add to your Core if you so choose. So, good news, Reader: We not requiring you to buy Bible study tools if you wouldn't use them. We want to give you what your family will be most blessed by... no more, no less. And that is why, Kim, we're trying to make it even clearer that we do absolutely have additional Bible study tools which you can easily add to your Core.

    Clear as mud? <smile>


  5. The Reader

    LOL, Luke, thanks for the explanation. Looking forward to my catalog, on-line, on april 4th now........

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