California Turn

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First: Some humor.

Check out this hilarious re-write of "I Will Survive" (the first year of homeschooling). Good stuff.

Second: The second line of the song plays well into the news (yes, I'm reporting really old news by now) that California overturned its initial ruling.

You no longer need to be certified to homeschool your kids. Honestly, that's good news for Sonlight too: We can keep providing great, literature-rich books to families in California as a valid educational model.

Many people are breathing a sigh of relief.

But not everyone. Joanne has a very thought-provoking post on her blog about "Why I am not happy with the CA Court’s Decision."

Well, actually, Joanne's issue has nothing to do with the ruling, and her tone was a little more "fire" than some people may be comfortable with, but the points she raises are really good and encouraging. So, check it out. If you want, feel free to come back and tell me what parts you liked.

~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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