But mom, the sun is shining!

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This is, hands down, my most favorite time of year. Spring is a wonderful promise of things to come, summer is great with its balmy breezes ... we won't even mention winter ... but autumn is, in my opinion, when God lets loose with his creativity!

So it's no wonder that beginning school in September has always seemed wrong to me somehow. I remember sitting in a classroom, listening to the teacher drone on, while my eyes constantly wandered to the window and the sunshine. My kids have been no different.

What a blessing homeschooling is ... to be able to flex your school schedule in order to maximize outdoor time. Are your kids antsy to be outside? Are you finding that concentration is sorely lacking? Then work the great outdoors into your school schedule! Pack up a tote bag of books and head to the local park. Sit on a park bench or under a tree and read together. Call an impromptu science field trip and hunt for leaves or cocoons or evidence of squirrels preparing for winter.

Time enough for indoor "table" work and serious studies when the temperatures are frigid and the snow is blowing. Autumn is the perfect time for breaking away from the schedule to relish God's creativity. Don't waste it!

Blessings ...

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