Box Day made me revamp my plans!

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We have used 8 Sonlight Cores so far with our 5 children. My 12yo daughter was supposed to take two years to complete Core 7 before beginning the high school Cores, so I did not order new books for her this year.

My 17yo son will be doing Core 530 for his senior year and was not too excited--he would rather not do school at all!

Everything changed on Box Day.

My dear daughter saw all the great books that are in Core 530 and eagerly asked how long she had to wait to read them. When I told her probably 11th or 12th grade, she was visibly upset. She pleaded with me to allow her to read them with her brother NOW and has spent her summer finishing up Core 7 so that she can dive into British Lit!

My son is happy to have someone to discuss his books with and is now ready to conquer this final core! Thank you Sonlight for teaching me I can be flexible and for providing a curriculum so wonderful that my kids are chomping at the bit to get started.

Jessie L.

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