Books #5: Global perspective

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So you've read about how it's different to read books than to do workbooks, and you've read about why Sonlight doesn't do progress tests. You've hopefully been inspired by the thrill of greater cultural literacy, and been encouraged (hopefully) by the gift you have been given to pass on your values and beliefs to your children.

Each of these maybe offers a little cognitive dissonance, a little tension.

So I thought I'd end this series with a Sonlight difference that our customers love. This is like a happy bonus, to cheer us all.

Sonlight seeks to give a global perspective. As in, look at people around the globe, look at History around the globe, pray for people groups around the globe. To look beyond our own neighborhoods.

And that is awesome! Because there are:

  • 195 countries in the world (196 if you count Taiwan)
  • 6,909 languages in the world Read more
  • 16,300 unique people groups in the world Read more

The world is so much bigger than my home or yours!

That's why Sonlight covers World History several times. That's why we have Sonlight F, the program dedicated to Non-Western Cultures. That's why we use books set in many countries, written by authors from many countries.

This means that your children will learn so much.

And it means that you will learn so much! I love this!

Like MHD, on Facebook. She posted a photo of A Child's History of the World, the main History book in Sonlight B and C, and said:

"Does anyone else read this book to your kids and think, "Wow! I'm learning so much more about history from this one book than I ever did in my years of public school!" This is one of our favorites for sure! Reading a few chapters aloud as we travel to the beach and my husband is loving it!"

This is in a program that's geared for early elementary students. Parents learn so much, too.

Or, at the opposite end of the age spectrum, I really liked this by "Blessed by his grace," on the forums.

"My oldest daughter is doing British Literature and enjoying it. The notes Amy included are awesome. I graduated with a liberal studies degree with a concentration in English literature, and I'm learning a ton."

Whether your children are youngish or oldish, whatever your educational background, prepare to be amazed at all the places you'll go.

To your homeschool delight,

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Amy Lykosh
John and Sarita's oldest daughter
Second-generation Sonlighter
Homeschooling mom to five

Sonlight Curriculum

P.S. Ready to get started with Sonlight? Jump in at SmoothCourse. Have a few question? Talk to Terri, she's our homeschool specialist and would love to help you!

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