Books #4: No Indoctrination.

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As often as possible and practical, Sonlight programs seek to offer more than one perspective.

And in the Sonlight Instructor's Guides, you shouldn't find many (any?) statements like, "This is how you should think." (We certainly try to avoid them!)

Because we recognize that it's your job, as a parent, to pass on your values and beliefs to your children.

Depending on the way you were raised, this either seems obvious . . . or terrifying.

But I think we do a good job supporting parents in their child-raising. Over the years, we've had Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox customers. We've had Jews, Muslims, and atheists use Sonlight. We've had customers from all populated continents, both Americans living abroad and indigenous people.

In a world as diverse as ours, many different people can make compelling cases for their points of view. So we seek to help you listen to them, and learn from them.

And, with Sonlight, you do this listening and learning with your children.

This is a Sonlight education. We don't try to indoctrinate you into "our" way of thinking. As much as we can, we try to introduce your children to the world, and let you give your own perspective.

And we recognize that people can change. If your ideas or opinions change, based on something you've read or heard . . . rejoice! You, too, are a student, and growing.

We rest in the finished work of Christ. Beyond that, we are all learners.

I leave with one of my favorite quotes recently, by "Sandwich in WI" on the Sonlight forums.

I did not set out to homeschool for religious reasons. We gladly embraced Sonlight and we were regular church attendees, but came from a pretty conservative church-in-a-box background.

It is solely by God's grace that he used the materials provided by Sonlight, and often people on this forum to open my mind to a living faith, rather than a rules-based religion. And through this and a series of amazing pastors and an amazing summer camp they all attend, He grew my and my kids' faith into something real. It blows me away to see how He used homeschooling to light a fire in all of my kids' hearts for Him.

This is what I hope for you and your children (and me and my children). May we have a fire in our hearts for the Lord.

May it be so!

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Amy Lykosh
John and Sarita's oldest daughter
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Homeschooling mom to five

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P.S. I realize that this can be a delicate topic. If this message bothered you, will you let me know? It is helpful, as I plan to write more articles going forward, to see what bothers Sonlighters, and what encourages them. Thank you so much!

P.P.S. And, if you haven't started yet, now is a great time to start school, it's not too late! Start your process at SmoothCourse.

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