Bible Black Friday

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It's Black Friday and Sonlight is closed today. Much the opposite of retail locations. But the website is open for business, as usual, should you decide to do some shopping online. The Christmas Sale is going and Rosetta Stone products are discounted 10% or more.

But much like the recently ended barrage of political fliers, I'm already feeling sick of the consumer side of Christmas this year. Maybe I'm just "messaged out" or something. A big part of it could be that gifts just aren't one of my love languages. Still, writing another message about yet another sale "opportunity" feels lame.

Which is why I'm thankful that our focus this year is on Scripture. Learning about what's in the Bible, diving deep into the study of Scripture, or simply memorizing Bible verses set to fantastic music... those are things I like. Those things feel peaceful. And maybe I'm just longing for some peace in this busy time of the year.

Sonlight Christmas Sale

Whether you're braving the crowds or staying home listening to Scripture songs and sipping hot cocoa, may your weekend be blessed! How was your Thanksgiving yesterday?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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