Autoblot: The Electronic Future

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The Tron sequel is out. It's rather in line with the original. And, while an Automatic Blogging Robot fits well within the predictive nature of Tron, I don't really want to turn into an MCP or Clu.

Still, I have to agree with the trailer's soundtrack: The Game Has Changed. Not just for the digital world in the back of Flynn's arcade, but also for homeschoolers.

The world of homeschool curriculum hasn't changed yet, but it's changing. The larger game change is coming soon.

As publishers begin to offer their electronic titles to only the "big dogs," what do curriculum developers offer to pay for the cost of writing homeschool curriculum? Sonlight's development has always been primarily supported through the sale of books. As the world moves toward ebooks, it looks like Sonlight may lose the ability to sell titles.

I know this is something the good people of Sonlight are thinking about. Please pray for them over these next few years as the electronic future of homeschooling quickly becomes a present reality. Pray for wisdom to know how best to continue to serve families worldwide with remarkable, literature-rich, internationally-focused homeschool curriculum in the world of digital books.

Automatic Blogging Robot

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