Another holiday tradition

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Since our kids were little, we've had a fun tradition of making "goody bags" to share with friends and family. This primarily involves decorating some sort of container/bag and filling it with baked and hand-made creations from our kitchen. Some years I've purchased a package of brown paper lunch bags and my kids have used rubber stamps or stencils to decorate the outsides. Other years I've visited our local WalMart or other craft store and found brown paper gift bags (with handles) which we've decorated with stamps, stencils or glitter and cut-outs. Whatever the outside decoration might be, it's the stuff inside that's always a huge hit!

Here's a perennial favorite ... easy (and inexpensive) to make.

Toffee Chocolate Crunch Bars
Line a greased cookie sheet (jelly-roll style, with sides) with one layer of saltine crackers. Set aside.

In a small sauce pan over medium heat, melt 1 cup of butter and whisk in 1 cup of brown sugar. Bring to a boil, and boil for 3 minutes, stirring constantly. Pour sugar mixture evenly over layer of saltine crackers. Bake for 7 minutes in a 350 degree oven.

Remove from oven and immediately sprinkle with a 12 oz package of chocolate chips. Using a rubber spatula, spread the chocolate evenly over the top once the chips have melted. Cool and break apart into irregular pieces.


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