An Easter Miracle!

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On Saturday before Easter we were eating our normal traditional cinnamon rolls when truck pulled into our driveway. The driver proceeded to unload THREE BIG boxes all marked Sonlight Curriculum!

I was on the phone with my Mother-In-Law and got so excited. "It's here! It's here!!"

I got off the phone and the kids and I tore into the boxes like it was Christmas! The 4 year old found a Magic Schoolbus book and curled up on the couch looking through the human body book. Not 10 minutes after everything was tucked back into the boxes my 10 year old pulled out a book and said, "Can I start reading this one?" We are all so excited to begin our Sonlight adventure!

I've read other 'Box Day' stories and, admittedly, thought "Really?" Now I can say to anyone thinking about it that YES!! Box Day is just like Christmas...and will be exciting the whole year through!

Thank you Sonlight for a wonderful way to bless my children with the knowledge they will need to do what God has created them for!

Deeply thankful,

Linette B.
mother of four new Sonlighters!

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  1. michelle

    How do you ever get to homeschool when your husband is unemployed and you can't aford your house payment let alone curriculim? I can't wait for a box I just don't know what to do, please pray for us.

  2. Luke

    Michelle, I will absolutely pray for you. I totally know what it's like to be without work and have the bank send you a foreclosure letter. Thankfully, God continues to provide. May He give you wisdom as you consider your educational options and balance those with the means you have.