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A couple evenings ago one of my friends, Marie, came by and we did a photoshoot. My best friend, Jason, is really good at photography, and we keep trying to find subjects he can practice on... and I tag along because it's fun.

We were shooting in what will be Eduard's room, and our model suggested we snap some pictures of her reading some of the children's books. Jason then came up with the brilliant idea of having her read Time for Friends. And, sure, I stayed up past midnight that evening, but I got to help my best friend practice his photography and got an awesome promotional picture for my little book:

Marie Reading Time for Friends

[By the by, Marie said the story was super cute. So... you should get a copy if you don't have one already <smile>]

In even more directly Sonlight related news, we have debugged an issue surrounding submitting large images to our Photo Contest. You can now upload .jpg images that are up to 25MB... which is huge. And we've said that you could for a long time now, but now you really can.

In attempting to fix the bug, I had to run a couple of tests. Here are the results from one of them:

Bob - The Fictional non-Homeschooling Sonlighter

And one more little thing:

If you open an image of any of Sonlight's products, you will now be greeted by this cheery little guy while your image loads:

See if you can find him--er... "it"?--floating around Sonlight's website...


 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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