A Cardboard Castle in Campeche!

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We are a book loving family, but living in Southern Mexico doesn't afford us the luxury of an English library or even and English bookstore, so our first Box Day was like Christmas! The arrival of any package creates a stir and so, the knight and ladies all gathered around excitedly and I opened the box.

As the cardboard castle emptied it's contents onto our living room floor, they kept saying "What else is in there Mom?" and "Are these ALL for us?!!!"

Inspecting the New Treasures

The three of them (ages 3, 5 and 6) were so busy inspecting the new treasures, they could hardly look up for a picture! The markable map and Book of Time have created much excitement over the last few days! And though we're only three days into Core A, my girls are already begging me not to stop reading!

And yes, there is now a Sonlight cardboard castle lovingly colored pink and proudly standing guard over the forgotten toys while close by we revel in our read-aloud adventures together!

~ Katie

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