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Change. Sometimes it excites me ... other times it makes me feel ambivalent. After 20 some years of being involved in homeschooling, it seems that change occurs more and more often. But in this instance, I think I'm going to like the change.

For 11+ years Sonlight has produced an e-newsletter titled The BEAM. It has, over the years, included such things as a column written by Sarita Holzmann, links to forum threads of interest, wonderful editorial comments by Amy Lykosh, and snippets of information about Sonlight products and news of interest.

Next week when your copy of the BEAM arrives, you're bound to notice that it looks quite different! Our team has harnessed their creative energies to come up with a fresh and inviting new look for our bi-weekly e-communique. It will still include an article from Sarita that is sure to make you pause from your daily routine and give some thought to her wise words. You will also hear fun testimonies from Sonlighters around the globe! The new BEAM will still include links to great conversations on the Sonlight Forums, as well as a spotlight on a Sonlight product or homeschool tip that's bound to provide some practical inspiration for your family.

So watch your inbox next week and let me know what you think of the new BEAM look and feel. I think you're going to like it!

Still on the journey,
~Judy Wnuk

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