41,000 and Meetup 2010

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I pushed a button and sent an email to over 41,000 people today.

It was my first time doing something like that, and I was more than a little stressed. If you got the "Your Sonlight newsletter: A shot of homeschool mom adrenaline" in your inbox and everything worked on the technical side of things, let me know. If it didn't work at all, I don't want to know.

Okay, I do.

But I don't.

So be gentle.



With the newsletter we have officially announced the 2010 Sonlight Meetup which will take place here in Colorado July 2-4th, 2010. That's right: You can come see Sonlight, hang out with other Sonlighters and meet me. How cool is that?

Pretty stinkin' cool, if you ask me.

Which you didn't, directly, but you're reading my blog, so it's almost like you did; at least, enough to make me feel like I am warranted sharing my opinion on this matter with you, my faithful readers--even if you aren't yet a faithful reader and have just stumbled upon this blog and are thinking to yourself, 'Self, what is up with this madman?'

In short: Come to the 2010 Meetup. And, at the very least, go check out the super cool "Event" I just put up on Sonlight's Facebook page.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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  1. Craig and Heather

    I think you must have been successful. I got a "copy" :)

  2. Mrs. C

    Hey, that's funny. You grew a little older and more... female in the email I received.

    And you changed your name to "Sarita."

    HEY, j/k it worked great. I had to copy-paste the linky inside but I think that's because I have AOL. HTH.

    PS took the survey also at the end.

    PPS It sounds like a great time. I'm hoping the children will have a good school year in by then. Still praying.

  3. Mrs. C

    PPPS You KNOW I meant YOUR children. Sigh. Must edit myself more carefully.

  4. Karen Joy

    (Blogger just told me I made a duplicate post. ??? I'm trying again, since apparently neither of my duplicate posts actually posted.)

    Umm... I didn't get one. I usually do get other e-mails from SL, so I think my e-mail addy is current.

  5. Luke

    Heather, good to know <smile>.

    Mrs. C, some people get the "Plain Text" email version, which requires them to copy and paste if their email system doesn't automatically add the hyperlink. ...not really sure what determines all that. At least the link showed up <smile>. And, yes, I hope my kids have had a year with us so everyone could potentially meet them too <smile>.

    And it really was Sarita's email. I just took care of the technical side of things <smile>. I didn't say I wrote the email, just that I pushed the "send" button <grin>.

    Karen Joy, hmm... I'm not sure who-all got placed on the list, or why. Did you get the mailed Burst a while back? And Blogger was being buggy... <sheesh> it's just not you day. I hope the technical things have improved by now! <smile>


  6. mideastmom

    Hm, didn't get it either. But something's wonky about which e-mail address SL sends our things to, anyways. I've tried to get it changed, but it's never seemed to work. They go to dh's but should go to mine. So he just set up his e-mail program to automatically forward everything from SL to me. It could be that this e-mail somehow "looked" different to his program and didn't get forwarded. I'll check with him.

    Hey, you asked.

    Oh, and I've already said on the boards when the pre-announcement was made that my appearance at that particular get-together would mean something catastrophic had happened in our life/work/area of the world, since we're not supposed to be in the US at that point. But at least I'd have something to look forward to! :-P

  7. Luke


    You mean, you've chatted with customer support and they didn't update your email information? Perhaps it's because your husband's email is attached to your ordering history?

    As for Meetup 2010: With that as a background, I hope you don't come <smile>... not because we wouldn't love to see you, but because you're doing more important things elsewhere.