3-Week High School Samples

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"231 pages for a Sample? That can't be right."

It wasn't.

Well, not exactly. After some careful tweaking, the document is now only 90 pages. Sonlight's 3-week Sample for the Parent's Core 100 Instructor's Guide is 90 pages worth of material.

89 if you feel like discounting the "This page intentionally left blank."

Sonlight's Instructor's Guides contain a ton of information. I've known this for a long time. But the realization that we give away 89 pages worth of material as a sample tilted my world a little bit. Almost a Whoa moment.

Considering Sonlight for your high school student this year? Request your 3-week Sample to get a feel for what your year could be like.

Homeschooling a younger child? We've got 3-week Samples for you as well <smile>.

I guess I should have said it by now: The new high school Core samples are available.

That went without saying, right?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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  1. The Reader

    WOW!!! I had no idea. I've never given thought to looking at/downloading the samples, because, hey, I've used & loved SL forever. I know it's good stuff.

    BUT now that I know the 3 week samples are not just the 1st 3 pages of schedule, but apparently notes and study guide info and all!!! Wow.

    Will Definitely take a look at these as I plan out high school. Like a risk-free test drive of a car! Wow. Thanks for highlighting this info; I can't be the only one who had no idea...

  2. Luke

    <smile> With the improvements to the high school Instructor's Guides, 3 weeks of content is a ton of material. Glad this post was useful! Thanks, Reader.