2010 T-Shirt Design Contest

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I once wore t-shirts all the time. But now my wife has me wearing polos. And, I'll admit: I look better in a polo.

But given the right opportunity--like a a Saturday, or every evening when I get home, or the perfect outing to sport a Myst t-shirt--and I'm wearing one again.

Old habits die hard.

Are you looking for a great reason to wear a t-shirt again?

I thought so! That's why I'm giving you the perfect opportunity to wear a t-shirt: Sonlight's 2010 T-Shirt Design Contest. After we get some entries, pick a winner, get the shirts made, you purchase one, it arrives at your house... well... then, then will be the perfect time to wear a t-shirt again. You could wear this t-shirt with pride to:

  • a homeschool convention
  • your school reunion
  • a rock concert
  • the Sonlight picnic
  • your book club meetings
  • to bed
  • while cleaning the bathroom
  • the possibilities are only limited to the number of outfits you will wear in your life...

T-shirts are very versatile.

But here's the deal: We need some submissions.

Do you need to be an awesome artist?


Here's proof:

Luke's Submission to the 2010 Sonlight T-Shirt Design Contest

And that sweet-awesome logo that I used? Yep--you can download it on the t-shirt design contest page. Don't have an incredible graphic design program? No problem! We point you to a couple really cool--and free--options on the contest page. We give you templates and encouragement, links and specifications, not to mention information about what we're planning on doing whenever someone buys a shirt. So, come on: Check it out!

Update: Winners

The R. Family
The R. Family
Barb, Joe, Joe Jr, Matt
Sherrie, Sarah, Amanda

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Surrogate Father

P.S. I almost put "t-shirt contest" in the title, but added the word design to hopefully stave off google searches that would prove to be less than fruitful for those looking for something more... er... umm... non-Sonlight related.

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  1. Mrs. C

    But you'd get so many hits if you didn't phrase it that way, Luke! LOL

  2. Luke

    True. Very true, Mrs. C. However, my blog's "average time on site" would be affective. Far too many people would hit the page and immediately leave.

    And, well, I like it when people stick around and read what I have to say <smile>.


  3. se7en

    Totally love your t-shirt... how is anyone supposed to improve on Mr.Chilled with his book!!!

  4. Luke

    Se7en, glad you liked me design <smile>. But, come on: I really want to see what other people come up with to visually represent Sonlight on a t-shirt <smile>.


  5. Mrs. C

    Luke, I like your drawings a LOT, but this one made it look like he was watchin' Sonlight on the TV with his remote. Need to make the book bigger and more book-y on your next submission. That, or ...

    Does Sonlight do the Kindle thing? That might work.

  6. Luke

    No Sonlight digital readers yet.

    But, come on: That is clearly a page sticking out from the book, Mrs. C. Clearly. <smile>


  7. Loving learning at Home

    Love this idea, Luke. We love Sonlight and have been homeschooling for 6 years. I am looking forward to reading more on your blog.

  8. Luke

    Are you going to enter the contest? We'd love more entries <smile>. Glad to have you as part of the community here!