104. Oh, wait...

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I woke up sick today.

I felt terrible, so eventually I went home and slept.

A lot.

Eventually I got up and ate dinner to try to give my body something to use as ammo.

Chicken Soup

My wife took my temperature because I was pretty sure I had a slight fever.

"You're at 104°," she said.

"Whoa! That's hot. I don't feel that bad. ...are you sure it wasn't 100.4°?"

"...oh, yeah, that was it."

So, I've got a slight fever, which is part of why I feel so crummy.

Even so, I did my civic duty and took everyone out to get free ice cream at Ben & Jerry's (hat tip: The Happy Housewife).

Brittany, Jason, Luke

Early to bed tonight. I need to be healthy enough to go into work again tomorrow. Stuff needs doing. Of course, there are a lot of ill people at Sonlight, which is probably where I got this bug.

~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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