Your Return on Investment

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Yesterday we met to go over the ROI (return on investment) from my blogging and other social media activities. What efforts are really helping homeschoolers? What opportunities have I not been taking advantage of? How can we work smarter in the "social ecosphere"? And is this translating--in any way--into more people homeschooling with Sonlight?

These are good questions.

In business there is no guarantee that something will work. We must constantly re-evaluate how we spend our limited time and resources. The sooner we realize something isn't the optimal choice, the more time we can spend on something more beneficial. The question ultimately comes back to your return on investment: Is this worth what I'm putting into it or is something else a better use of my time and money?

Your daily homeschool choices are similar because homeschooling is a huge investment. And I'm not just talking dollars. Your time and effort is priceless because it is limited. You have a few short years to spend with your children. You have a few hours to get everything done in a day. So how do you spend your time?

These are good questions.

Thankfully, with your homeschool, you can have a guarantee. No, you can't have a guarantee that what you choose will always work. You can't get a guarantee that how you spend your day will have a particular outcome. But you can have a guarantee that your dollars are spent on something you and your family loves to use. I can guarantee your return on your Sonlight investment. You will love using Sonlight, or your money back.

Very few people can get a refund on their time (Milo is the only exception I can think of right now). But it's really nice when you can take advantage of a money-back guarantee. You have one for your Sonlight investment. I wish I had such generous offer from social media.

Still considering your homeschool investment options for next year? Check out these 7 remarkable benefits you get from a Sonlight homeschool curriculum package.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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