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Today is the deadline for you to submit pictures to the Sonlight Photo Contest. Why send in a photo? Aside from the obvious fun and fame of seeing your family in the Sonlight catalog, you could win up to $500 toward your next Sonlight purchase.

How hard is it to submit a picture?

The process is just a tad more involved than uploading something to Facebook or Instagram or Pinterest or ... whatever. You do that all the time, right? When you upload a photo to Sonlight we ask that you also tell us a bit about the picture and your experience with Sonlight. Just do it now before time runs out.

I take amazing pictures of my adorable kids. How many can I submit?

There is no artificial limit to the number of photos you can submit. However, I think time and technology may hinder you from uploading more than 7,000 by midnight. I hope that will suffice for the time being. You can always submit more for next year, because you are right: Your kids are amazing!

My student is now an awesome high schooler. Do you only want pictures of youngsters?

Nope. Homeschool high schoolers are a great bunch of super-cool people. We'd naturally love to represent them in the catalog too!

My child is atypical. Should I even bother uploading a picture?

Absolutely! Sarita recently blogged about how cool it is that so many Sonlighters have adopted children. As you know, Sonlight's approach is great for both struggling and accelerated students; we'd love to share your story. We are also very aware that Sonlighters hail from all around the world, and we love that because it fits right in with our international focus. And I don't really know any "typical" kids. I certainly wasn't one ...

... maybe that makes me normal

Have any tips to help me win?

Just one: Take an amazing picture and submit it with an amazing story. You can do that because you're a homeschooler. There's more information and tips and stuff on the photo contest page, but it all boils down to sharing your experience homeschooling with Sonlight.

Enter the Sonlight Photo Contest Now

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Pseudo-Dad

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