What Has Sonlight Done for You?

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Brittany finally convinced me to take her to see Tut. While wandering through the exhibit, I noticed a sketch of the different crowns the Pharaoh wore. It looked suspiciously familiar, like something I had seen out of a book in Sonlight's homeschool curriculum. I had seen those same images before.

As a student, Sonlight gave me access to incredible books packed full of wonderful stories and compelling information. And I know Sonlight does that for parents as well. But my question is: What have you found Sonlight has done for you, the teacher?

I've seen glimpses into what Sonlight does for parents, I've read the stories, but I'd like to hear your experience: What has Sonlight done for your homeschool? What has Sonlight done for you?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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