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I'm working on a study for a group meeting I'm leading tonight. The topic is "Waiting".  As I've gone about my day today, I've been amazed at all the aspects of my life that involve waiting. I was weeding in my vegetable garden, and putting in another row of beans, and thought about how long I would have to wait for those seeds to germinate, and for my cucumber plants to blossom and produce some cucumbers! I'm impatient when it comes to fresh produce.

I thought about my daughter and son-in-law, freshly graduated from college with three degrees between them, and not a job prospect in site. They are experiencing a whole new dimension to the word "waiting".

My friend who is battling with breast cancer is consumed with waiting. Waiting for the next chemo appointment, waiting to see when the nausea will subside, waiting to see how successful this treatment is in beating her cancer.

It also struck me that homeschooling is ALL about waiting! This week some folks are waiting for their Sonlight Box Day! Others are waiting for a phone call from an Advisor for some counsel on what they should order.

But at an even deeper level, homeschooling is about waiting on the finished product. Waiting to see if the math lessons we've done have stuck. Waiting to see if the character issues we dealt with last week were effective. Waiting to see if my children pass their standardized tests, or get into the college they want, or get a job after graduation.

So much waiting! As I'll be sharing with the ladies in my group tonight .... be sure that your waiting isn't wasted. Our waiting should be active and have a purpose.

  1. Use the time of waiting to remember. Remember who you are and who God is. And recall all the many times he has provided in the past, and trust that He will do the same in the future. God gave you your children, He will equip you to teach them!
  2. Use the time of waiting to worship. Rehearse God's goodness, rejoice in His presence, and sing or meditate on his love and power. Set an example for your students by incorporating worship into your day.
  3. Use the time of waiting to serve. My mom always told me that the best way to get my mind off my own problems was to help someone else with theirs! Look for ways to assist and encourage others. Maybe someone else is waiting just like you.
  4. Use the time of waiting to pray. Our heavenly Father is always interested in hearing of our frustrations and concerns. It is never too early to teach our children to pray too.

(Tips courtesy of Broken-Down House by Tedd Tripp)

I hope you will be encouraged in the waiting room of your homeschool journey. As I draw closer and closer to the end of ours, I can tell you that the waiting was well worth it. What you sometimes are unable to see today, will become evident after a time of waiting. So don't grow weary as you wait!

Still on the journey ...
Sonlight Customer Champion

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