Waiting in the Hall for Easter

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C.S. Lewis prefaces Mere Christianity with the picture of a great house. Once you enter the house, you discover many rooms branching off from the main hall. Lewis urges us to take our time in the hall deciding which room (denomination/flavor of Christianity) we believe has the most truth. At the same time, he asks us to remember that the other rooms are in the same house. And if they are incorrect in an area, they need our grace and prayers all the more.

It's been fascinating to re-read Mere Christianity. [Of course, the rebuttals are also proving to be rather interesting as well.] The thing that's been bumping around in my head today is this:

Lewis often points us back to Christ in matters where there is much disagreement.

Recent conflicts surrounding Scriptural interpretation--such as universalism and creationism--have in many ways pushed me back out into the hall. Oh, I still have the rooms I like to hang out in. I've got plenty of opinions about which rooms have the most truth. But too often I'm more comfortable out here in the hall. I don't much like the slammed doors and jeering remarks. I'd rather this was a house of unity, of love, of spurring one another on to do good. I find myself wanting to echo Christ's prayer right before His death: May we all be one.

May this Easter, by the power and grace of God, be one that sees us Christians more unified in following the Head of this house than before. May Christ be the focus of this season and the days to follow.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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