Tutoring for Just $1 - Registration Deadline Today*

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Prodip, a boy in India, used to work long hours in a cashew nut factory. Today he is back in school and doing great.

What changed?

Someone gave $1 which funded his participation in a Children's Bible Club where he got the tutoring he needed to get back into school. Prodip now has hope for a brighter future... not just because of his education but also because of his new faith in Christ.

Sonlight has partnered with Mission India to bring this same opportunity to you. Register today for My Passport to India. Through this program, your family will discover India and have the opportunity to help fund the education of children in India. Even better, your gift will be matched, so every dollar you give will provide two children with the same opportunities that have changed Prodip's life.

Registration is free and does not obligate you to give.

Please, register now!

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

*You can sign up and access all the online content for this learning/giving opportunity at any time for the next few months. But we want to make sure that you get your Welcome Kit in time and come along as we discover India and the opportunities we have to change lives there. So register for free today! (Registration does not obligate you to give.)

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