The Privilege of Reading

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Beth Moore mentioned in her Daniel study that one way to measure privilege is to consider if you can buy a book and read it. If so, you're wealthy. Much of the world can do neither.

How blessed we are to teach our children at home by reading books together!

Speaking of reading, I found the following video fascinating. The basic premise: Without background knowledge needed to make words meaningful, knowning the mechanics of reading achieves little. I experience this when I try to read up on something like nucleotides. But I digress:

Hat Tip

The video is very encouraging to me. As Sonlighters, we immerse ourselves in a literature-rich approach to learning with a strong historical bent. We then talk about what we've been reading and so gain a better understanding of the world, both in the past and today. This strong emphasis on enjoying books together from the very beginning sets us up to understand what we will read in years to come.

I love it.

The more I learn about education--and I have much to learn--the more grateful I am for Sonlight's Cores and approach to homeschool curriculum. On top of that, going back to Beth Moore's point in the study, I am grateful that Sonlight has such a heart for the world and encourages us to consider how we can use the blessings we've been given to bless others.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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