The Importance of Your Past

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I'm here at my Alma Mater: Biola.

They are trying to recruit me to become the Alumni Chapter Leader for the Denver area. And while we're here, we're spending time with Brittany's family. So, two birds; one stone; good stuff.

I was recently on campus right before Christmas, so not much has changed in these few months. But it's still interesting to be back where I went to college and met my wife. It's fun to walk the campus again. It's good to reminisce and talk about the future.

Biola shaped who I am today. I learned many lessons--more from the people I was surrounded with than the classes themselves. And that's because education has a lot to do with the environment and the people supporting you. The material you study is very important, yes, but even public school teachers know that parental involvement is commonly the key to a student's success. In college, that role is often filled by classmates, friends, and faculty. And that is why where you go to school is such a big decision that dramatically influences the person you become.

As I walked the campus today, my thoughts went back to my early years of education. If the environment and support I found at Biola was so important to my formation, how much more were those early years at home?

Where better to find the support and love you need to thrive in those pivotal early years than in the home?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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  1. Lisa

    I totally agree with you about the home. I wouldn't trade these early years with my kids for anything.

  2. Kim & Dave

    Yes....I am treasuring these years...

  3. Jill in Kentucky

    You are so right Luke. The environment makes a huge difference--whether you are raising kids or tomatoes or prize winning flowers. You can plant the same seed in two different places or in the same place in two different seasons and the results will be totally different.

    The environment we were raised in as well as the environment we are called to serve in impacts who we are and what we do.

    And it is critically important to how we raise our children. If we want great results we need to put a lot of thought, time and effort into the environment we raise our children in. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Lisa

    You are so right. Looking back when I was at school I still learnt more from my dad than anyone else.


  5. Heather the Mama Duk

    You are so right!

  6. Karen (KayKay)

    Exactly right, Luke. The comparison to the college environment when all your surroundings change is just right. Those around you are so important.

  7. Kimmie

    Hmm, home is where it all starts and finds its foundation.

    We are looking into college at home for our oldest...she is interested in writing and really there is so much online now. Which also would mean that she would have more time for her family, her service at church (she plays piano), her involvement with teaching/mentoring (at 2 churches)and her writing ...sometimes college isn't where God wants to form you-sometimes His call is to stay where you are and wait for Him to lead you down the same, but newly expanded road.

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  8. Luke

    Lisa and Kim, I look forward to when I can start treasuring those years too <smile>.

    Jill, great point that this is true out there in nature as well! <smile>

    Lisa, I certainly learned to write papers with my dad. I learned virtually nothing in class or in the feedback I got. But my dad walked me through the process. Absolutely!

    Heather and Karen, thanks throwing in your vote of confidence as well! <smile>

    Kimmie, may your daughter continue to follow as the Lord leads and end up exactly where she is supposed to be! You are absolutely right: There are a bunch of great online tools now-a-days. May they serve her well.


  9. mary grace

    Interesting that you went to Biola, as it's recently been on my radar screen. Now I know where to ask my questions. :-)

  10. Luke

    Ask away, Mary Grace. Ask away <smile>.


  11. Heidi

    My uncle was a professor at Biola for years. :)

    I am also treasuring these years with my boys, but I am sometimes overwhelmed by the awesome responsibility God has given us!

  12. Luke

    Heidi, that's really cool about your uncle <smile>.

    And, yes, the responsibility is rather heavy, but thankfully there is enough grace and redemptive power for us when we are not up to the challenge. <smile> And for that, I am very thankful.