The Importance of Your Past

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I'm here at my Alma Mater: Biola.

They are trying to recruit me to become the Alumni Chapter Leader for the Denver area. And while we're here, we're spending time with Brittany's family. So, two birds; one stone; good stuff.

I was recently on campus right before Christmas, so not much has changed in these few months. But it's still interesting to be back where I went to college and met my wife. It's fun to walk the campus again. It's good to reminisce and talk about the future.

Biola shaped who I am today. I learned many lessons--more from the people I was surrounded with than the classes themselves. And that's because education has a lot to do with the environment and the people supporting you. The material you study is very important, yes, but even public school teachers know that parental involvement is commonly the key to a student's success. In college, that role is often filled by classmates, friends, and faculty. And that is why where you go to school is such a big decision that dramatically influences the person you become.

As I walked the campus today, my thoughts went back to my early years of education. If the environment and support I found at Biola was so important to my formation, how much more were those early years at home?

Where better to find the support and love you need to thrive in those pivotal early years than in the home?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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