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How to Raise Children When They (and You) Keep on Changing

I’d like to put words to a difficult reality that all mothers face: your life changes very quickly in this season of raising and educating children. May I encourage you in the face of this? One habit that can help … Continue reading

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Enjoy Your Life More: Add one good habit

A recent study showed that Americans spend eight minutes a day looking for their keys. Sound familiar? If that’s you, it could be easy to berate yourself for that reality. When we think of habits, we tend to think of … Continue reading

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Help Children Succeed in Their Careers by Using a Global Focus

What kind of a world will your children inherit? One thing seems certain: it will be a world more interconnected and globalized than ever before. Your children will interact – whether virtually or in person – with people from vastly … Continue reading

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Making Mistakes: A Critical Part of Your Homeschool

So much learning in homeschooling is organic. Children learn about money as they shop with you. They learn about fractions as they cook with you. They learn about water displacement as they help you wash the dishes. Everything is an … Continue reading

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