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Want to Boost Emotional Intelligence? Read Literature.

Is reading good for more than academic development? Absolutely. You may already know that reading good books (like those in Sonlight curriculum) helps your children develop good character, grow in leadership skills, develop empathy, and even talk with you about … Continue reading

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How Reading Fiction Helps Kids Develop Empathy

You know that reading helps your children develop vocabulary, become great writers, and receive information in a way they actually remember. But did you also know that reading, particularly reading fiction, helps your children become more empathetic, able to understand … Continue reading

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Historical Fiction, Turing Tests, and Plagiary

Perhaps the Turing Google Doodle had already started my mind turning, but I was intrigued by the Wired blog post about a human-like Twitter bot. Long story short: The bot copies posts and randomly "follows" people on Twitter. A fair … Continue reading

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